Must Have Spring Accessories!


Spring is basically here (not if you live in Oregon though 😉 ) anyway I’m totes excited about it and we’re continuing on with our Spring posts!

I’m linking to some amazing goodies that will rock your spring time wardrobe – and guess what? These are all FREE SHIPPING – so you’re welcome! 😀 <3


The following links are affiliate which means that if you purchase something I will get a commission, however it is at no additional cost to you. And these are fab so that’s why I’m sharing with you! 

Bright Cross-body bag!

Okay I think this is such a fun and easy way to incorporate “Spring” into your outfit. Adding a pop of color to a  simple and casual outfit is really just the easiest way to look more spring-like.

Picture your favorite skinnies (rolled up a bit to show your ankle 😉 ), solid white top, cute sandals or sneakers and bam! one of these cuties right here. So I gotta get myself one of these!


Earrings, oh how I love you! These statement earrings right here are just the cutest! Wear these with a fun print-spring dress with wavy/messy curls and a bit of glam with one of these pairs.

I love the soft shades of pink, peaches and even blue hues.

For a fun night out I love me some hoop earrings, and the ones I chose here are sparkly and just perfection in my eyes!  <3

Necklace <3

Finally go ahead and pair that soft and lightweight printed dress with a dainty necklace. Or wear a solid classic top or dress and top it off with a statement necklace. Yesss!

I love statement necklaces because they just take your outfit to the next level without much effort, and you’ll look like a million bucks! <3

Transitioning your wardrobe from season to season does NOT have to break the bank. By simply changing up your accessories you can change up an outfit and wear it different ways!

I hope this was helpful to you – and let me know in the comments what your favorite color to wear for spring is!

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