My Everyday Messy Curls


Hello there my beautiful people! So I get asked a lot about my hair so I’m finally sharing with you guys one of the ways I style my hair pretty much everyday to achieve messy semi-lose curls<3 I’m showing step by step picture instructions plus a quick video clip at the end showing you exactly how I do it!  LETS GET INTO IT!

This post is in collaboration with Irresistible Me, as always all opinions are honest and my own

Lately, I’ve using my Irresistible Me 8-1 Wand to get this look and I’ve been loving it! I’m using the 25MM wand and I feel like it is pretty perfect <3


This 8 in 1 wand has all the wands I need to get my hair looking any way I want. I love that it heats up super fast so there is no time to waste. It also comes with a glove which I encourage you to use if you’re new to clip-less wands 😀




I started off with fresh clean hair and sectioned my hair in half as seen above 🙂 I start curling from the back of my head to the front. Curling away from my face, meaning that your hair will be in front of or on top of the curling wand. (See pic below)



So again, curling away from your face and be sure to leave a good inch or more of the ends out or uncurled. This is what is going to give you the messy/lose curls look.


I do this all over my head grabbing some thicker sections than others this way your curls will not all be uniformed, which is what we want. After each section that I curl I run my hand over it  (please see video as it is kind of hard to describe) I DO NOT RUN MY FINGERS THRU EACH SECTION, I simply flatten it out a bit. Once you curl your entire head here is what it will look like…



I then spray a small amount of hair spay all over and just let my curls set for about 5 minutes. Its really up to you how long you want to let them set. I’d say that if you’re hair doesn’t keep a curl then let it set for longer 🙂



Okay now you can run your fingers thru your hair and messy it up as much or as little as you want 😉





Finally, as silly or unnecessary as this may seem…I tuck one side of my hair behind my ear and add some super cute statement earrings. I feel like this makes the look fun and flirty! If I’m feeling extra flirty and sassy I’ll do some hoop hearings, hayyyyy!

And that completes the look!

I really really hope that this helps you guys, and if you try this look please tag me on Instagram @blushingmama <3 I’d love to see it on you ladies!

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