Top 10 Nail Colors to take you from Summer to Fall


I am a nail polish lover! But you all already knew that! 😉 So today I’ll be sharing with you some of my favorites shades from Essie that transition from summertime to fall. ‘Cuz we’re all ready for fall, amiright?

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E-Nuf is E-Nuf

Essie - Enuf is Enuf

Lapiz of Luxury

Essie - Lapiz of Luxury

Mojito Madness

Essie - Mojito Maddness

Play Date

Essie - Play Date

Sexy Devide

Essie - Sexy Devide

All Access Pass

Essie - All Acess Pass

Bahama Mama

Essie- Bahama Mamma

Butler Please

Essie - Butler Please

Go Ginza

Essie - Go Ginza


Essie - Stones Roses







I feel like all these shades will look super cute during the last bit of summer that we have left and can totally be rocked during the fall months. Of course, you can pretty much wear whatever colors you want during the entire year. But for those of you that like to rock certain colors during certain times of the year, these are perfect!


Hope you guys enjoyed and got some fun ideas! Be sure to give me a tag on Instagram if you decide to try any of these, I love seeing manis!

Love you all, until next time…

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