Sillisponge First Impressions


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Hello my pretty people! Today’s post is so exciting and a much anticipated one by many of you! I’m sharing with you my first impressions of the Sillisponge!

For those of you that have not yet heard about Sillisponge, it is a makeup sponge applicator that is super neat because it is a rubber consistency. I have personally seen this everywhere and couldn’t wait to give it a try and share it with you!




You will see on the video I showed you how I applied my liquid foundation, bronzer/contour stick as well as concealer.

I found that using circular motions and kinda pushing the product into my skin worked best. It was so easy to blend the bronzer and concealer to my foundation!


What I love about this sponge is that it is so easy to use. It is a little tricky at firs just trying to figure out what blending motions work best for you, but once you get it down its awesome!

I also love the fact that it is super easy to clean – no germs, which means no breakouts! <3 You also use less product so that is great for giving a more natural look!

Final Thoughts

I’m just going to get down to it and say that I really like it! It didn’t leave any streaky spots of my foundation, and I really enjoyed being able to squeeze the sponge to be able to fit different areas in my face like under eyes and nose.

It was great at blending my contour as well!


If you want to give this a try yourself get yours here: Sillisponge!

First Impressions


Love you all…until next time!




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