My Life Has Changed – A Day Outdoors


Before becoming a mom you would have never (and I mean never) have found me outdoors hiking. Why? Because I don’t really like nature. Ever since I can remember I’ve been afraid of spiders, flies, bees, just insects in general. So my entire life I’ve been scared of tiny creatures. Fast forward to 8 months after having my daughter and my entire thinking has completely changed…

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Okay, I am not saying that I am no longer scared of these tiny creatures. However, I don’t want my daughter to grow up like me, being scared of everything. So I have been pushing myself to be more outdoor-sy, and less scared of everything. I want her to grow up being able to go to a picnic without being scared, or a walk in the park without thinking “ew”. Yes, that’s exactly who I am. Ha! Anyhow! In an effort to try and encourage Camila to be a little adventurous and save some money, we have become a little more adventurous ourselves. Annnnd by adventurous I mean simply going on hikes. Hey, its a start!

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It turns out, we actually enjoy it. Like a lot. Which is crazy! Because we’ve always said no we don’t like going on hikes, when in all reality we never actually tried.

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At first, every little sound and every little bug scared the crap outta me. Now, I can manage most sounds and bugs. Still can’t get over mosquitoes, specially when its like dozens of them that come at you out of nowhere! Our State, Oregon, is beautiful! Everywhere we looked there was an amazing view. The fact that it was nice and sunny helped too. At one point, it got a little too hot and I had to roll my pants up as much as I could. (I may have even gotten a tan lol)

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Camila loves to look around and sometimes touches plants and trees and all that good stuff. For the most part after a good half hour to an hour she will fall asleep and we get to keep enjoying our hike. We love to baby-wear. Specially when we’re outdoors, because she gets to look around and explore. But once she gets tired she just falls asleep with no trouble at all. It is amazing guys. No need to rock, sing, or hum. Yas!

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Our hike was about 2 hours long. It was a great workout, we got to talk and experience new things with Camila which is great. We made a few stops to take pictures (obviously, because if we hadn’t, did it even happen? I don’t think so). We also got to see some super cute, dare I say, wild bunnies <3 Awwww! 

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It is amazingly crazy how a baby can change your life. This is just a tiny aspect in which Cami has changed ours, for the better. I would love to know if any of you have made any changes such as we have…please share with me in the comments below or as always any of my social media.

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Hope you guys are having a fun-filled weekend with your loved ones!

Until next time…

All things beautiful in the springtime -

6 comments on “My Life Has Changed – A Day Outdoors

  1. I normally love being outdoors, but Florida summers are wretched. Terrible. So so hot. Ha! But during our “winter” we go outside practically every day. It’s amazing. Oregon looks super beautiful! I’ll have to go there one day 🙂

  2. Ha, this article reminds me of my first year after the birth of my daughter, Ana. We lived in Miami and summer days, as Amaris said, were always too hot for walks. But my daughter was always up extremely early. So before the heat could settle in, I would take long walks carrying her body in a sling. She loved it, and it was an excellent way to stay active while coping with not enough sleep!

    She is five now, but still, loves these morning walks with her mommy;) Love the beautiful pictures!

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