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Happy Monday!! Today we’re talking all about one of my favorite things in life….FOOD! 😉 Who’s with me?! 😀

This blog series is in collaboration with The Brave Lifestyle *Not being paid to write this, all opinions are honest and my own*

Eating healthy is somewhat of a challenge for me. So as many of you know I get help from an online trainer, Nicco from The Brave Lifestyle. He has given me a personalized meal plan that helps me stay on track, and make healthier choices on a daily basis. So today I’m giving you a sneak peak on what my meal plan looks like.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not saying I eat like this every-single-day, and those of you that watch my Insta-stories know this 😉 I do have the occasional donut or pizza. Hey, balance right?



For me breakfast looks like this most days. (Not pictured: my must have morning coffee) Rolled oats with some kind of fruit, most of the time strawberries because they’re just that good. And one scrambled egg.

On weekdays when I work, I will normally only have the oatmeal or I’ll make egg “muffins”, which are not actual muffins – I just make them in a muffin tin. Egg/egg white, ham, and veggies.



This day I had a strawberry yogurt. I prefer peach, but this is what I had.

Something else I’ll have for snack would be a string cheese or almonds/walnut mix.



This day I ended up having somewhat of a late “lunch” so it was more like dinner. Baked salmon, brown rice and asparagus, and water. This was seriously so good! Not pictured was half an avocado – d e l i c i o u s! Also added a bunch of sricha sauce. (Is that even how you spell it :D)

For lunch when I work, I normally always have a salad that has chicken, bacon, half a hard boiled egg, tomatoes and onions. Or tuna ceviche style. Its so good.

Last Snack


My last snack consisted of cottage cheese and … you guessed it, strawberries.  One word: YUM!

This right here I can have for breakfast or even lunch some days. Sometimes I’ll do peaches instead of strawberries.

I love this meal plan because you don’t feel restricted as you have the options to swap foods that you may not like. When you first start with Nicco, he will ask you for any allergies, or strong dislikes you may have so he and his nutritionists can make sure they tailor the meal plan to better suit you, which I think is great!

Nicco is the founder and owner of The Brave Lifestyle.

Former Director of Fitness for the Biggest Loser Resort creates a revolutionary weight loss program, B4™ AKA Burn Better By BRAVE™.

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