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Hi pretty people! I’m excited to update you guys all on my weight loss/fitness progress! Be sure to check out my first post here20170217_203443

This post is in collaboration with The Brave Lifestyle *Not being paid to write this, all opinions are honest and my own*

As you may know from  my last weight loss post I’ve been training thru The Brave Lifestyle program and app, which I have been loving! The short of it – a 4 month online program where you get personalized workouts, meal plan, and online coaching. Yes and yes, right!?

My Progress

So let’s get down to my progress so far. To date I’ve been on the program for a month, in which I’ve lost 4 lbs. Yeyah! I feel so much better when I’m following the meal plan as well as my workouts. I have more energy, which is amazing!

IMG_2628Yes guys, I get to have cereal in the meal plan! 😀 

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My Struggles

What I’ve struggled the most these past couple of weeks is truly making these changes into my lifestyle. Because after all, that is what this program is about. Teaching me ways to improve my everyday decisions to have a healthier lifestyle.


My eating has been good for the most part. Some days are hard because I work, I”m tired and don’t have the energy to cook. But I’m happy with the progress. I tend to be really hard on myself and expect perfection. But little steps are better then no steps at all right?



I’ve been enjoying the workouts so much! (Even though I am guilty of missing a few) I had my monthly assessment and I was very proud of myself. I improved in pretty much all the workouts. Some more than others, but improvement is improvement! I can feel how I’m stronger and just more focused. I love that!


And that’s what I have for you so far! I am excited to have been given another month on this program, and I plan to kick butt!!! Summer is right around the corner and I plan on looking haaaaawt! Okay, not hot…but better? haha Let’s do this guys! Don’t forget to take advantage of the amazing deal Nicco is giving you guys!

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DON’T FORGET: $300 DISCOUNT! Just mention my name when you sign up!

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