4 Tips to Survive the Postpartum Months


Postpartum is hard. It is challenging both physically and emotionally.  If you read my post The First 3 Months of Being a Mom you know it was a bit of a roller coaster for me.  So here are a few of the things that helped me stay sane.

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Keep Your Mom Close

You have no idea how much I loved having my mom around the first few weeks after having Cami. Physically I couldn’t do much.  I had a vaginal birth and had a small tear, add to that mix the fact that I am Mexican and so I had to keep a “quarantine” or just do as little as possible for the first 40 days. My mom helped me take showers, dress, cook and clean.  I know, she is amazing! It was great because I used this time to spend with baby Camila, which I loved. Don’t get me wrong, my mom wasn’t attached to me 24/7. She would come by in the mornings and help around, visit with baby and would give us our alone time, which we really appreciated. Seriously, I know you want to be superwoman and do everything yourself, but at least for the first few weeks you will love having some help around the house so you can use your time in more important things.

Keep Your Husband Close

20151101_131402550I must say that my husband was also pretty amazing…he helped with Camila as much as he could.  Even if at times we had no idea what we were doing, we tried to experience everything to the fullest.  I breastfed for about 3 weeks, so he couldn’t help with feedings, but from day one he always helped with diapers, changing her, and bathing as well.  So have dad (grandma, sister, friend, or significant other) help you with whatever he can.  It makes things so much easier for the both of you.  We tried to keep it 50/50 as much as possible. The time he has with baby you can use for yourself.

Leave the House

This was so important to me.  I love going out, I hate being home for long periods of time.  I like being out and about, seeing people, seeing just the outside and breathing fresh air.  Whenever we had doctor appointments we would go and grab a quick bite afterwards, or get some coffee.  Sometimes I wouldn’t even get off the car, I would just shower change and we would go for a drive.  Just leaving the house made me feel refreshed.

Make Time for Yourself

Remember how I said to let dad do his part and you can use that time for yourself?  Well, it is so important!  Please, please, please make time for yourself.  I cannot tell you enough how good it is for you to not go crazy! Many times I read on different Mom Forums how some moms wouldn’t shower for days because they didn’t have enough time.  Give baby to dad, mom, grandma, or someone you trust for 10 minutes and enjoy a shower.  Play some music and take a bath. Put some makeup on or do your nails.  I loved putting on a face mask and taking a hot shower.  Even if it was 11:30 p.m., I didn’t care, I needed that time for myself.  Just go somewhere to have some alone time, you will definitely need it and cherish it!

All of these things combined helped me so much to keep me sane (for the most part). Being a new mom can be tough, and there are beautiful moments that you will never get back.  So try to relax and enjoy the little moments.  Know that soon your baby will be grown and you’ll be able to enjoy a 20 minute shower and even get to shave again! 😉

To all my experienced mamas out there, what are some things that helped you out in the first few months postpartum?

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  1. I agree with so much of what you’ve said! Due to moving lots and being far from family, post partum has always been tough for me. With my last child though (now 4 months old), both my mom and mother in law were able to visit. My husband also started running errands for me so that I could have an experience as close to the quarentena as possible. So far, I’ve healed the best and feel so much better after this last pregnancy than the others – all because I took my time an accepted as much help as possible. I recommend it to everyone!!

  2. Relying on family, friends and whoever will help you is key for me! I definitely took advantage of it more this time around with baby number four. Play the “I just had a baby card” and give up being superwoman!

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