The Working Mom – Tips to get ready fast!

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It is no secret that as a mom one seems to have less time to get ready in the mornings.  Even if you are not a mom sometimes you hit that snooze button one too many times and end up with 20 minutes to get ready.  Which isn’t enough time if you ask me.  (I like taking 20 minute showers, so that leaves me with no time for anything else).  So, here are my tips to get ready in 30 minutes or less…

Take a Shower at Night

Like I said before, I love taking long showers. However, I don’t feel awake unless I have showered, so every now and then to save time, I will take a shower at night and then in the morning I will take a quick less than 5 minute shower to just rinse my body, and skip washing my hair.  (Total Time: 0-5 Minutes  Time Saved: 15 Minutes)

Styling of Hair

Two words: Dry Shampoo.  Yes! I love it! If you suffer from greasy hair even if you just took a shower the night before, then dry shampoo will be your b.f.f.  Just apply some at the roots and let it do its thing while you do your make up.  Then just shake your hair around and tada! Clean hair! Have a go-to style that you can master under 10 minutes or less.  Do a quick curl/wave to the ends of your hair, or do a side braid.  I feel like the braid looks even better when you have curls from the day before.  Super cute!  (Total Time: 5-10 Minutes  Saved Time: 10 Minutes)

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Make Up

Again, have an easy go-to make up look that you can do in 5-10 minutes.  For an everyday look, especially for work, I like to mainly focus on my lashes and sometimes I’ll even add some winged liner. (Check out my my every make up look ) My go to items are BB Cream, under eye concealer (because who gets 8 hours of sleep anyway? I don’t.) eyebrow pencil/shadow, blush and mascara…like 300 layers of mascara. (Total Time: 10 Minutes  Saved Time: 10+ Minutes)


My mom used to always tell me to pick my outfits the night before to save time.  I never did it. Until now.  Do it!  It saves you so much time and clutter. If I know I want to wear a dress, then I’ll pick out the dress the night before or if I know I want to wear pants then I’ll pick out the pants a couple of shirts and a blazer that I know will go with it.  This way I have a few options, but not so many that I will feel overwhelmed and lose time trying too many things on.  Don’t forget to pull out the basics, like undies, tights, shoes, etc.. (Total Time: 5 Minutes  Saved Time: 10+ Minutes)


Honestly, I don’t bother much with breakfast, so I can’t say much on that.  I usually just take a granola bar and make coffee at work.  I also keep fruit and Nutella at the office, so sometimes that will be my breakfast.  Of course, with coffee.  Always coffee.

Alright, there it is ladies, my tips to get ready fast in the mornings, total of 30 minutes or less. Obviously this isn’t for everyone.  If you are the type that likes to head to work straight out of the shower, then kudos to you! Really, I just can’t.  I love getting ready in the mornings, and doing all those girly things.  That is just who I am.  Of course, we all have those days when our hair sucks and that is okay.  Nothing to stress out about, or have a bad day because of it.

Hope you ladies enjoyed this read and helped you out in some small way!

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What are some things that you do to help speed things up in the mornings?  Also, if you liked this post, please share it on the internets 🙂

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  1. I love the outfit prepared at night idea. I never do! I specially found it helpful the tip about picking that one piece you wanted to wear chosen and a few items that might go together….

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