The Practice of Gift-Giving In Our Family!

Happy Thursday! Today, lets get a little personal because I feel like that’s important. Today I’ll be sharing with you about a little practice that my family has that I absolutely love!

This blog post is sponsored by Incredibundles. However, all opinions are honest and my own <3

In my family we have this random-gift-giving practice. Yes, just like you read it. We love to give each other gifts for no reason at all. Because we don’t do any Holiday gifting we find it important to show our love in random ways, and one of those is just giving gifts for no reason at all. 😀

Sometimes I’m at the store and see something my Mom would love, so I buy it and gift to her. Or we’ll get coffee for each other, because coffee in our family is everything! LOL! I feel like there are so many ways in our every day lives that we can do in order to show our love for our family, friends and loved ones. Sometimes the smallest gestures are the ones that mean the most! The ones that have no reason behind it, simply to show our love or appreciation.

Gifts for My Daughter

I find this specially important for Cami. I love her to the moon and back a thousand times, and I would hate for her to ever feel left out or not special. So I love surprising her with random gifts! Now, I’m not saying I do this on a weekly or even monthly basis. Just randomly. Sometimes its something small from the discount isle at Target, but wrapped in a fun way. Other times, I love getting her something a little more special, something fun and educational.

Where to Buy Those Special Gifts?

So let me tell you about IncrediBundles! They are the home of some amazing gifts for babies, kids, and even new parents <3 This is where I got a box full of super fun and great toys for Cami, which she has been loving.

I love IncrediBundles because they make gift-giving super easy as they allow gift-givers to send gifts by mail and packaged in a special way. They carry the best award-winning products for babies and they bundle them together for you.

Gifts for Expecting Couples or New Parents!

So let’s say you know an expecting couple or brand new parents and want to give them the perfect gift…they have A Year of Diapers gift set, A year of Books bundle, and even A Year of Toys bundle!

I love this idea because many times we’re not sure what would be appropriate to gift, or want to give them something that will actually be helpful, so I think those bundles are pretty perfect. For example for the Year of Diapers bundle the parents are able to choose the brand, the size they want as well as when they want to receive them.  They have 3, 6, 9, or 12-month Diaper subscriptions, so I think its great because you can customize to your budget as well. 🙂 Then every month the parent(s) get to decide what they want delivered right to their door. Ah-May-Zing!

Toys & Books!

IncrediBundles also features pre-selected books, toys and even Sleep bundles. You just chose which bundle you like best and it gets shipped! All of their books, toys and selections are award-winning, meaning there is no wrong way because they carry only the best of the best.

You are also able to pick and choose different items so that you can create your own bundle.

I also love this service because they have things sectioned: Infants Under 1, 1 & 2 Year Olds, and Preschoolers. So if you are not a parent and have no idea what to give to a kid because of their age group…well, they just made it easier on you. 😀

I know right now it is the season when most people love to give and show their love to their family and friends. So let’s give something meaningful, specially to the kids that surround us. They are such special little persons in our lives, so lets show them with our love, our actions and gifts <3

And because IncrediBundles and I appreciate all you, we will be doing a giveaway on my Instagram starting this Monday (11/13/17) so make sure to check up on it here! 


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