Staying Motivated to Lose Weight


It has been a few weeks since I decided to really get to my healthy self after having a baby.  Thankfully, as some of you may know, I had managed to lose 25lbs (ish) prior to getting pregnant.  So this time around I feel like I have a better idea of what works for me and what keeps me motivated.


Doing it for the Right Reasons

I truly believe that the most important thing to stay motivated is to do it for yourself.  Don’t change your lifestyle for someone else, you have to want it for yourself.  Otherwise, it becomes that much harder and chances are you will not stick with the changes.  Believe me, it has happened to me and to people close to me.

Social Media

It is no secret that I love me some social media! 😀 So use it to inspire you! (We are all already on our phones or computers 24/7) On Pinterest I love to follow fitness and healthy recipe boards.  On Instagram I like to search the hashtags #motivation or #healthylifestyle, you will find great accounts to follow.  I also love to post inspiring quotes on our Facebook  page, it helps me and others that follow my page.  Having positive thoughts and images pop up throughout the day will help keep you focused.  If you have a trainer or a gym that you workout at follow their facebook page, they usually post motivational stuff during the day.


Buying new workout clothes always gets me excited to workout.  It makes me feel more legit (lol) and more determined.  Something about looking the part actually makes me believe in myself a little more and push myself that much harder.

Inspiration Picture

Find one! Whether it is an old picture of yourself or a magazine cutout.  If you read my Fit Mama Update you know what my inspiration picture is.  I saved it on my phone and I look at it every now and then (is that weird?) Again, just a reminder of what I looked like and what my goal is.

Talk About It

I am not saying all you should talk about is your new lifestyle and goals, but definitely telling a friend, coworker, or the world thru your blog 😉 will help you stay accountable.  For me, it was posting my Fit Mama Series.  It is out there for the world to see and it totally keeps me motivated.

Doing this for myself and blogging about my goals have totally helped me and pushes me to make smart and healthy decisions.

What helps  you stay on track? Please share with us on the comments below 🙂

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