Spring & Summer Shoe Picks!

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Shoes, shoes, shoes!! Who doesn’t love shoes?! I know I do! So, to day I’m sharing with you all these cute shoes that are perfect for the spring & summer time….its right around the corner and I’m helping you get ready for it! Most if not all of these have FREE SHIPPING – so that is a huge plus for me! So let’s do this!


Flats have such a special place in my heart <3 Really, I love flats because you can totally dress them up or down.

I chose some that are lightweight, fun and colorful colors. And not to stocky, specially for the summer months, you don’t want to be super covered up.


Okay, I’m over here drooling over all of these cuties! Seriously. All of these sandals give me an earthy feel and I love it! These will be perfect with your summer and spring dresses as well as any cute shorts or rompers….yas!


For the longest time I stopped wearing sneakers, just because I felt like I had outgrown them…or felt too mature for them LOL! But I have fallen back in love with them. These sneakers have some fun colors and patterns that will look really cute with shorts or rolled up skinnys.

I personally do not like wearing socks with sneakers…I just feel like it looks cute without. So I always just opt out – is that weird? 😀


Last but not least are heels. You gotta love a fun pair of heels! Weather its for the office or to dress up on the weekend these heels scream fun, summer and spring. Specially these violet Jessica Simpson ones…so. In. Love.

Annnnnnd there you guys have it! Those are my shoe-picks for you for the spring and summertime.

I’d like you to tell me what your favorite shoe to wear is…GO!


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