5 Reasons Why I Loved Being Pregnant!

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You read that right. I miss being preggers. But not the swollen feet, the emotional highs and downs, or the not being able to sleep. No. I miss the good stuff, for example having  the”I’m pregnant excuse”. That, my dear friends is what I am sharing with you today. Hang tight, and let the pregnancy memories come…

The “I’m pregnant” Excuse 

I used this excuse the moment I found out I was pregnant. I was all “I dropped my keys, can you get them for me?” at 9 weeks pregnant, no bump, no swollen feet yet. I was just pregnant and felt like I deserved a little help. 😉 But seriously, it felt so good to have an excuse whenever I felt like getting out of doing things or eating certain stuff. Ah, yes, life. was. good.

The “baby” wants pizza, every day. 

Okay, it is not secret that pregnant women get cravings. And hey, the heart wants what it wants, right? So it was awesome to say, I want pizza, and BAM! I got pizza. I mean, the baby got pizza. Not to mention that if your family is Mexican, as mine is, you get exactly what you want, when you want it. I mean, for all we know if they don’t give a pregnant woman that pizza that she wants so much that baby will come out looking like a pizza. For reals. (Okay, I think I’ve reached my limit on the word “pizza” for this entire post hahah)

Just let it hang out. 

The tummy. Just let it hang out. No need to suck it in, because girrrrrl, you’re pregnant! You’re suppose to have a bump! It may or may not be just a little bit of chub, but nobody is going to question it. Because, “that bump is so cute”! 😉


No Dress Codes 

Okay, I didn’t go crazy with this one, because I like to look cute and appropriate. But when your feet are swollen, like big time, you’re happy that you can wear sandals pretty much anywhere. Even work. Dresses are also acceptable anywhere, because that is all that will really fit you by the time you’re 8 months. lol Oh also, wearing the same dress like a gazillion times because its all the will fit you, is all totally okay.

Attention – the good kind 

This one kinda goes with the “I’m pregnant excuse”. I loved how everyone would go out of their way to make me feel comfortable. Like if a chair was too hard, here came the pillow. Oh and also a pillow so you can put your feet up and rest. Oh and water, or juice so baby doesn’t get dehydrated. 😀 Also, my parents would cook for us all the time, because I was so tired and sleepy. Hey, I was working and pregnant, so yeah you better believe I was not cooking every single day. I felt like I deserved an award for working up until my due date when all I wanted to do was just lay in bed, in my underwear, eating pizza. Actually, I’m pretty sure I did that a few times…


The End.


I had so much fun writing this guys! It was great to remember the good old days of being pregnant, and not dwell so much on the negative side of it. Which, we all know there are definitely down sides to it.

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So, what is something that you miss about being pregnant? Share in the comments!

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  1. I miss being pregnant too! I love how being pregnant made me feel sexy and beautiful, it’s crazy but I loved it. I also loved getting what I wanted, food wise of course! There are definitely a lot of perks to being pregnant, lol.

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