Potty Training With Tot on the Pot!

Every now and then I come across a product or service that I get so excited about and want to tell you guys all about it. Today’s post I’m giving you a review on a potty training system that was introduced to us called Tot on the Pot! It is a convenient all inclusive solution to help parents understand the potty training while making it fun and easy for our kiddos! So, let me tell you about it!

This review is sponsored by Tot on the Pot. However, all opinions are honest and my own. 

Tot on the Pot is a step by step program that is designed with so many tips and tricks for parents in order to successfully help potty train their little ones. It is a positive-rewarding system, which I absolutely love! Because not only are you making potty training a positive thing for your little one, you’re also making it fun!

What You Get in The Program

So in this program you receive the following:

  • Tot on The Pot Parent’s Guide
  • Tot Doll
  • Tot on the Pot Children’s Book
  • Pot (Toy Size)
  • Activity Rewards Cards

The Parent’s Guide is pretty amazing, because it pretty much gives you all this insight about how to make potty training succesfull. It prepares you for what is to come ahead, and it tells you why each step is important.

It seriously has such great information, that I thought to myself…huh this totally makes sense, why didn’t I think about this?  But hey, they are EXPERTS which is why they’re giving you all this information that you think you’d know, but maybe isn’t as obvious.  Their focus is to make this transition as easy and fun as possible while helping the quality of bond between parent and child.

How It Works

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Let me just say potty training is not just your kid’s job, its also a lot of us parents making it work! So you get your Parent’s Guide which gives you all the insight you will need.

Then you introduce your kiddo to Tot (the doll) and read the children’s book together. Side-note: Cami absolutely LOVES this book! It has honestly become her favorite. It is also her go-to bed time book, so there you go! Definitely a fun one!

Beth Molly

There are rewards cards and activities that you use while potty training, and having their little friend “Tot” while they’re going thru the potty training process makes it that much better! No child wants to stop playing to go potty, so by introducing Tot, which is their companion, play doesn’t have to stop when they got to go potty!

Judah Smiling

Of course after they potty, you celebrate! Woo-hoo! Potty success is rewarded with FUN – pees and poos are rewarded with surprise activities that are full of fun. No need for candy, TV time or negative precedents. Playing and being successful at potty becomes the reward!

Mamas, I absolutely love and recommend this potty training system. Cami has been really enjoying every step of the way. And this week Tot on the Pot is launching their Kickstarter and they have amazing promotions happening! So be sure to check them out!

All of their social channels and site are below:

Site: Totonthepot.com

Facebook: @totonthepot

Instagram: @tot_on_the_pot

Twitter: @totonthepot

Pinterest: @totonthepot

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  1. This looks really interesting…I’ve been looking for something like this. I’m kind of dreading this whole potty training thing. The Kickstarter seems well done.

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