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Hi beauties! I’m so excited about sharing today’s post with you all! I’m sharing with you 5 beauty hacks that will make your beauty routines so much easier! From how you style your hair to getting your lashes lifted. Yes, you read that right!

A few weeks back I got my lashes lifted by Nichole in the Portland, Oregon area, and let me tell you…it has made getting ready in the mornings so much easier! But more details down below, lets get on with the rest of these hacks!

Teeth Whitening At Home

We’re kicking off these hacks with one of my fave ones, which is teeth whitening at home!

So this is super simple, all I do is wet my tooth brush and sprinkle some baking soda on it then just lightly brush my teeth. I like to do this right before I brush my teeth so that the sour and salty taste doesn’t linger too long. (I do this once every couple of weeks)

A few options/alternatives:

If you’re not a fan of the baking soda taste (let’s be real, nobody is) you can totally mix either lemon or strawberries with the baking soda. This helps minimize the harsh taste.

Important Pointers:

I only do this once every couple of weeks. This just helps me maintain a bright smile. I’ve also used a professional at home whitening tool, you can check out that review and demo here.  Another thing to keep in mind is to not be rough when doing this. I’m no professional, so I’m not sure how safe this is for your teeth, if we’re being real. However, I’ve been doing this for many many years and my teeth have always been okay 😉

A Smooth Shave

Something I recently started doing was dump my shaving cream for conditioner. Yas! So all you do for this is use good old regular hair conditioner instead of shaving cream. You get a cleaner shave and your legs are left super hydrated. I. Love. It!

Bonus: To get an even smoother shave – exfoliate your skin right before you shave. Again, be gentle with the scrub. But it will help you get rid of dead skin and get a clean shave. Ya’ welcome.

Rock That Second Day Hurrr

It is no secret that I love to rock a layer or 10 of dry shampoo #noshame. If you haven’t yet gotten on the dry-shampoo-band-wagon, let me tell you, you gotta get on it!

For this all I do is lift sections of hair all around my head and spray it. I let it sit in my hair while I do my makeup, which is about 10-45 minutes long hahahahaha Hey! It depends on the day! Kidding! Kind of. I then massage and brush lightly and style as you normally do.

Bonus: So I know many girls struggle with styling their second day hair. So what I like to do is on day one (the day I wash my hair) I blow dry my hair and straighten it and wear it like this all day. When the night comes I put my hair in a low pony so that it won’t get crazy freezy over night. This way my “second day hair” will be nice and smooth. Usually second day hair is when I curl my hair or do a side braid. Or both. Speaking of smooth hair…

Smooth Hair

I looooove my Its A 10 leave in conditioner. It…

• Repairs dry, damaged hair
• Adds shine
• Detangles
• Controls frizz
• Seals & protects hair color
• Prevents split ends
• Stops hair breakage
• Creates silkiness
• Enhances natural body
• Flat iron spray & thermal protector

…and all you have to do is pump a dime size amount on your hand and smooth in with your fingers all over your hair. I like to start from the middle of hair to the ends and whatever product I have left I apply to the first half.
I love using this leave in hair conditioner because its just one step. No need to use a bunch of different products and waste time.

Bonus: This product is also perfect to go along with your second day hair. After you apply your dry shampoo, right before you style your hair…apply a little bit of this to the ends of your hair and it will leave your hair looking so nice and shiny! It is a must try!

Lash Lift by Nichole in PDX area

Like I mentioned above a few weeks back I met with Nichole (she works in the outsides of the Portland, Oregon area) to get my lashes lifted, and it was amazing! She used the YumiLash treatment. So my natural lashes were lifted, curled, darkened and nourished with this treatment that can last up to 3 months.

Her treatment also includes the application of QIO gel pads to the under-eye area, which have anti-aging properties.

Kinda crazy/weird angle...but look at my lashes! This is with about 1.5 coats of mascara. No curler needed!
Kinda crazy/weird angle…but look at my lashes! This is with about 1.5 coats of mascara. No curler needed!

When I arrived to meet with Nichole, I could just tell how much of a sweet and loving person she is. Not just with others, but how passionate she is about her job and holistic health in general. Which is why she uses only the best locally sourced and natural ingredients on her clients’ lashes. Which in turn gives you long lasting healthy lashes, which is what we all want, right?!

Let Me Point Out: These are NOT lash extensions. Its even better because she curls and lifts your own lashes. So there are no sticky or harsh adhesives used. They are paraben free, no maintenance required, no monthly fills, no removal, results look and feel natural.

Every lash lift she does is personalized to your liking and eye shape. So if you want more straighter or curler lashes, she can totally work with you on achieving the type of lash lift you desire.

My Before & After
My Before & After

How This Has Changed Up My Beauty Routine: THIS HACK – is by far my favorite. I love it because I can literally leave my house without putting any mascara on and not feeling totally weird. If you guys follow my makeup looks you guys know that I normally have to curl my lashes twice and apply two thick coats of mascara in order to get them to stay curled all day long. I also normally have to use waterproof mascara because its the only kind that will keep the curl. Well, after getting my lashes lifted here in Portland, I no longer have to curl my lashes. It is such a great feeling! I absolutely loved this beauty procedure and will totally be getting it done again once I need it.

I totally encourage you to check out Nichole’s website and Instagram to see more before and afters…and if you have any questions at all feel free to message her or message me and I will be happy to get your questions answered from Nichole.

And there you beauties have it! I hope you guys enjoy these beauty hacks and that they are in someway helpful in your beauty routines!

Love you all until next time…

About Nichole:

Nichole Munoz has been in the beauty industry for 10+ years and has always felt the simpler we make our life the easier it is… especially when it comes to beauty! Her work motto is: She would never put anything on her girls (clients) that she wouldn’t put on herself or loved ones. Integrity is everything!

Website: simplicilashes.com

Instagram: @simplicilashes

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