Outfit Ideas For Date-Night | Dress Edition

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Hello my beauties! Today we’re talking all about dresses for date night! Which, let’s be real…we all love date nights but we don’t necessarily get to dress up for them as often as we’d like. Mainly because usually dates are super laid back like dinner and a movie. BUT sometimes there are those special date-nights when you get to dress up and go somewhere special or your boo (err bae?) takes you somewhere nice <3 #cheesyandlovingit –  Honestly, I LOVE those kinds of dates! So let’s get on with this!

Some of the following links are affiliate – however I’m sharing these with you because I truly love them!

Sweet & Delicate Prints

I chose these types of dresses first because they’re honestly my favorite!! Melting over here! If you’re going on a day-date or where you live its nice, warm and sunny (if so, totally jealous) then these are totes perfect! The last dress by Fashion Union can totally be rocked even  if its cold, just add some tights and booties and you’re good to go! 😉


Soft Pastels

These soft pastel colors are for the earthy girl…or any girl really…but these shades of colors just give me life! I specifically like the first dress by Lauren Conrad and the pink Antrhopologie one for a less-fancy-date-but-still-want-to-kind-of-dress-up lol! Also, the Anthropologie is a steal at $9 bucks! 

The Classic LBD

Ah, yes the little black dress <3 If you’re going on fancy-ish date or its an evening date, then you just can’t go wrong with the LBD. Also, if you just love black (because let’s be real, black is everything) then totally rock the LBD!

So there you guys have it! I hope this was helpful in some way! Which style is more you?! Let me know  in the comments, and tag me on IG of your amazing date night outfit!

Have fun on your date and love you all, until next time!


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