Our Simple Toy & Crafts Organization

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m cleaning up and organizing my daughter’s toy and craft area (a.k.a. my living room) like 100 times a day! I have found that making simple and small changes here and there have helped me stay organized as well as start teaching Camila about organization and putting things back where they belong. So what has been motivating me to do this? Really cute labels…because cute labels are everything! haha

This blog post is sponsored by NameBubbles. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. 

I was so excited about the opportunity to work with NameBubbles as they have some really cute and functional labels for pretty much anything you would need. From allergy labels, to name tags, and clothing labels which are washable. They are pretty cool and I’m sure will come in handy once Camila starts school (but let’s not talk about her going to school because I will just get emotional 😀 )

So one of my favorite ways to use these labels was to label Camila’s toy boxes. Because plastic toy boxes can be pretty boring on their own (let’s be real) and I’m not about to spend $40 on a fancy box that is going to be stuffed with legos, right? I’m not alone on this? So having these cute personalized labels do the trick.

I bought these really affordable plastic boxes and labeled all of them with what is inside. Let me just say that these labels are not like stickers…they are super sturdy which if you have a toddler or just kids in general you know that sturdy is needed!

I separated her toys so that each one gets its separate box, this way Camila can see the difference and it will also be easier for her to put her toys back where they belong when she is done.

I’ve been trying to stay consistent with reminding her and making an effort to show her that things need to be put back where they belong. So far, she has been pretty good at it!


For crafts, crayons and color pencils I bought these cute gold polka dot boxes and personalized them with name tags that have unicorns on them (melting over the cuteness).

For her crayons I used a similar clear box as they other ones and put a label on them to give it a little somn’ somn’ extra.

Cami loves to play with her toys, write and color. As much as I want her to be free-spirit I also think its important for her to learn to be organized and learn that everything has a place (for my sanity’s sake haha) So having these really cute labels have really helped us both to stay consistent in keeping our home neat and organized.

If you have older kids that are in school or daycare, I encourage you to check out  NameBubbles here here as they really have some great and useful labels and name tags!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday!

Until next time…

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