My Nail Routine!

Hello there my beauties! As mamas and busy women we don’t have the time to be spending hours doing our nails every few days or even weekly. So today I’m sharing with you my nail routine to get nails that are super shiny and last me for nearly 2 weeks! I love this because it takes me less than an hour to do and I don’t have to be worried about doing it often. Yuss!

Remove Old Nail Polish

To start off I remove any old nail polish that I have. I use the target brand nail polish remover, nothing fancy. Even if you don’t have any old nail polish on it is still a good idea to swipe a little nail polish remove to make sure you remove any oils you may on them.

File & Shape

After that if my nails are a little long I’ll cut them and them file and shape. I like my nails short and squared, so just shape however you prefer.


I then do a light buff on all my nails. The top, sides and tips! This ensures that you will have a smooth canvas.

First Coat

For the first coat I like to apply a very light layer of nail polish. Something that really helps to not have a lot of bumps or nail polish all over your cuticles is to have a steady hand while you’re applying the polish.

I place my hand on a flat surface and do light and slow strokes.

Second Coat

For the second coat I make sure that is a very light layer by making sure the brush doesn’t have too much polish on it.

You like my very concentrated face?  This is my “I’m doing my nails, nobody move, touch me, or breath around me” face. ha!

Top Coat

Now here is THE step to give the super high shine finish look. I use Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri in 110. Guys, this is the best top coat I have tried and it is super inexpensive. Another thing is that it dries your nails super fast! Like really fast, I love it!

Tada’! All done. Shiny and long last nails without having to break the bank! Win-win!

Hope this helps you guys!

Until next time…

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