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Hello there my pretty people! Last week we had an amazing time and much needed break from life on our little trip to Ashland, Oregon. As working parents we don’t necessarily have the time (or money) in the world to take long periods of time off from work, so weekend trips have become our jam! Here is a little recap. . .

Huge thank you to Ashland Hills Hotel Luna Cafe for sponsoring this post, as always all opinions are honest and my own.


We arrived to Ashland late Friday night. The drive is technically only supposed to be about 3 hours long. However, with a toddler in our hands, we had to make 2 or 3 stops along the way. Which was totally fine. It wasn’t until the last hour that our sweet cheeks really got tired of being in that darn car seat.



Guys, how beautiful is the lobby at Ashland Hills Hotel?! This is was home for the weekend and we absolutely loved it! It has a retro-style to it that is just so cozy and chic.


Like I said, we arrived late Friday night, so the first and only thing we wanted to do after being in a car with a crying toddler for an hour was lay and relax. This comfy bed hit the spot. Our room was so comfortable and our (KING) bed was more than enough space for the three of us.

After our much needed relaxation, we went out to discover the town and search for food! Being that it was past 9 p.m. all there was downtown were super cute bars, sigh…. so we found this super cute Pizza place called The Great American Pizza Company. We ordered to go because we felt that it would be too much to ask of our sweet cheeks to stay put for much longer.

img02Look at those tired and hungry faces. (That hair tho …)

While we were waiting we met a couple that was so sweet, they were expecting their first baby and they were totally in love with Cami. <3 We took the pizza to the room, stuffed our faces and went to sleep. Pizza to end our night. It was perfection.

The next morning (Saturday) we had planned to do the complementary breakfast at Ashland Hills Hotel but Cami had other plans. She surprised us by sleeping in until 9:15ish a.m. which was awesome! So we headed off to Wiley’s Trattoria. Guys, the food was so delicious!


I had eggs, bacon and this delicious hash. Yum! Cami of course was being wonderful (not) self and attempting to run all over the place. Thankfully her dad took control of that child and we were good for most of the time. (#momlife or should it be #thuglife? Idk.)


Next, we drove around for about 20 minutes to explore the town. (No, honestly we drove around hoping Cami would fall asleep and take a nap so she could be well rested for our next destination :D) But the town was just beautiful. It is surrounded by mountains, and the clouds are right above you it feels like you could almost touch them! Its crazy!


So, the drive worked. Cami took a much needed nap and we arrived at the Science Works MuseumThey had these cute bears and cubs statues that Cami had to say hi to for about 10 minutes. LOL! She is just the sweetest thing, and saying hi is her new thing. So we let her say hi for 10 minutes and went inside.


This was our first time taking her to a museum of any kind so we had no idea what to expect. Also, we’re first time parents so we are not that familiar with kid activities and such. But this place was SO COOL! They had different sections, like blocks, bubbles, play area, electricity and lights.


img_2026Did I mention we had a good time?

We (Noe and I) played with everything, so did Cami. She loves balls, and we found this basketball play area and she absolutely loved it!


We were there for a good two hours playing and exploring everything. Also, running around after Cami haha but I mean, that’s normal life. We headed to our hotel again to take a break and relax for a bit. Writing this out makes me realize that a. we are super old and need too many breaks to recharge during the day, or b. becoming a parent tires you out like crazy and therefore need to recharge. Maybe its both. Eh.


We were hungry so we headed to Luna Cafe for dinner. I loved the vibe, its totally modern and cute at the same time. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I ordered a margarita, because mama needed a margarita. haha. I also had the pulled pork with fries and it came with different dressing. So good!



Noe got the pulled pork sandwich and we got chicken for Cami. Everything was delicious. They have a photo booth, so we took some fun pics, Cami had no idea what was happening so she pretty much had the same facial expression in all the pictures lol They also have this cool chair that rotates, so we sat her there and had fun seeing her cry a little. Is that bad? 😀


By the time we finished it was about 6 p.m. and we were planning to go get some dessert somewhere, but Cami took a nap and was out for the rest of the night. Which was fine. We got to enjoy the bed and watched some T.V. Noe went and picked up some ice cream and iced coffee from Luna Cafe, so that was perfect!


The next morning (Sunday) we had breakfast at Morning Glory Cafe. The place is quirky and interesting. The food was delicious.



They had the best blueberry muffins I’ve ever had. EVER.


It was time to head back home. It was pouring rain and windy. Which made it a fun ride.


We made a stop ran out and danced in the rain, Cami loved it!

Even though our mini-vacations are  just that, mini or short. They are perfect. We had the best time exploring Ashland, Oregon. Experiencing knew things with Cami is what is all about. Being able to capture these moments is amazing. I couldn’t ask for anything more.


Until next time…

Again, huge huge thank you to the staff at Ashland Hills Hotel and Luna Cafe for their wonderful hospitality!


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