How I Updated My Toddler’s Bed on a Budget!

Hello mamas and daddas! I decided that it was time to give Cami’s bed a little make-over and add some color and fun design. So today I’m sharing with you how I did it on a budget!

This blog post is sponsored by Walmart’s Parent’s Choice. However, all opinions are honest and my own. 

Becoming a parent makes you see things in a different way and helps prioritize the important things in life. Like budgeting, and sticking to it. So for me, as much as I want to upgrade my home or Cami’s bedroom area (we share a room) I know that I want to spend my money wisely. Which means sticking with great quality items that are also affordable. For me that is Walmart’s Parent’s Choice brand. (Check out their line here


Because Cami and I share a room, I like to make sure that its a balance of girly and sophisticated. So making sure the overall color scheme blends well is a must.

For her bedding I wanted to incorporate lots of color as well as her LOVE for animals. So I headed to Walmart  to check out their Parent’s Choice brand and I found this really cute Elephant Set that just had Camila’s name written all over it! 😀

I also bought a couple of fitted crib sheets with some fun designs on them. What I did was use the hot pink fitted sheet first, like so…

And on top of that one I used the pattern fitted sheet that came in the Elephant set. The reason why I did this was simply to just add a little bit more color as the pink kind of peaks through and you can see it a bit over the pattern elephant fitted sheet.

Here is a close up of the cute pattern.

The Final Look!

How cute is this?! Cami loved it and kept playing around with the elephant’s ear haha! I love that the sets that Parent’s Choice offer have pretty much anything you will need to re-do your kid’s bed <3 And their entire line has coordinating colors and patterns so it makes it super easy to mix and match and their products are all under $40! Ya’ welcome!

Here she is…looking all cute and happy ready for nap time in her new sheets!

I hope this was helpful to you when looking to update your kid’s bedroom.

Love you all, until next time…

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