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Taking care of ourselves as mamas, as dads, as individuals is huge. I’ve talked about taking care of ourselves in the past, and I will continue to do so because I feel so strongly about it. One of my favorite ways to recharge is by doing little getaways throughout the year. And what better way to recharge than by going “glamping”?! Yes, you read that right!

This blog post is sponsored by Glamping Hub. However, all opinions are honest and my own. 

If you read my last blog post, then you know that I am in no way a lover of camping. However, when Glamping Hub contacted me to do this “glamping” thing I was all for it! For those of you that don’t know much about it, it is basically glamourous camping, and sometimes its not actually camping…more just the feel of camping. Which is what I decided for on the trip we had last weekend! And let me tell you, it was amazing!

Picture Credit: Glamping Hub
Picture Credit: Glamping Hub

The property that we stayed at was  from Wildland Properties in Port Orford, Oregon. Guys, I’ve lived in Oregon most of my life and had never heard of this little town. But I’m so glad that I chose this place because it truly felt like you were in the middle of nowhere lol The cottage that we stayed at was so cozy and, wait for it, glamorous! It has 4 bedrooms, one of the bedrooms had 6 bunk beds…I know super cool.  Hot tub outside with a deck that wrapped all the way around. It was a beauty!

We slept in the bedroom on the first floors and Cami slept on this big girl bed all on her own. So proud of her! (and she didn’t fall off in the middle of the night, which was my biggest fear lol)

About Our Trip & Stay

Port Orford, is a tiny town. And when I say a tiny town, I mean it. It super cute and adorable and the beach was just 5 minutes away from the cottage. The entire weekend was cloudy, cold and raining. So pretty much perfect for us. Haha! Besides, its October in Oregon, nothing else you’d expect.

As soon as we arrived we unpacked our stuff, checked out the cottage and of course snapped a few pictures for Instagram. Duh.

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We then headed out to check out the town and the beach. That is when we realized how small the town really was, and how beautiful the coast was. The waves were huge, it was super windy and beautiful!

We decided to stop and eat at one of the very few places that was still open (everything there seems to close early,and I don’t mean that in a bad way. It was sort of refreshing!) the restaurant we ate at had a sign outside that said they closed around “7 p.m. ish” So you know, it a super relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We were greeted by super sweet people that took our order.

It was comfort food heaven. It was kind of funny, that everyone that came in new each other. Greeted each other, asked about how their job was going this and that. Just everyday life.

We came back to the cottage as it was already dark, and really got to enjoy and explore everything there. Even made it into the hot tub! The upstairs had this living room/game room/little eating area that was of course Camila’s favorite spot in the house. Along with the stairs, which were gorgeous.

The next morning I made breakfast on this beautiful kitchen. It was super cool because they pretty much had everything you could need. Pots and pans? Yes. Waffle maker? Bam! Hand mixer? You got it!  So it was really fun to cook.

Cami insisted in being upstairs, so we had breakfast there. It was raining hard, so we opened up the windows and all you could hear was the rain and felt the cold breeze. It. Was. Heaven.

Breakfast was delicious, thanks to me 😉 (even though I did manage to burn the first pancake lol)

After breakfast, we decided to be lazy and just watched a couple of movies in the cozy blankets they had there.

Okay, and can I just tell you guys how much I LOVED this blanket? I carried it around with me then entire time we were there. It was so soft and warm. I had to look it up and found it on amazon…so ya know I’m gonna be getting it.

We got ready and headed to the nearest town, Bandon, Oregon to find a place to eat and sight see as well.  We found this place called Bandon Brewing Company. It was so good! And like I mentioned before everyone was super friendly. I don’t mean just the employees, even the people that were dining there. It was just another kind of friendly, small town atmosphere that honestly made me fall in love.

Cami had some grilled chicken (she doesn’t like Pizza…I know, its crazy. Is she even truly my kid? who knows lol) We also ordered some pizza and I had a cranberry cider that was oh so good!

Cami was a bit cranky at first because she didn’t get a full nap. But we still managed to have a good time.

We went for a walk on the town, and stopped at Coastal Mist, a chocolate and dessert cafe.

Camila was in heaven, and well, so was I. We picked up some chocolate and I also got a chocolate dessert to take home.

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It was the cutest little place, and to no surprise the gal there was so nice and friendly. I also ordered this Maya Chocolate. I thought it was going to be like a hot chocolate, normal size that you usually get at a coffee shop. Instead, I got this tiny little cup.

Oh. My. God. Best hot chocolate I’ve had in my entire life. It was so delicious and had a little kick at the end. I can totally see why it was so small. You totally got to enjoy all the flavors in that tiny cup.

Cami found some stairs to entertain herself with lol!

We headed back to the cottage and have some more relaxing and cozy time. When we got there, Cami insisted on sitting outside on this cute table on the deck.

We had picked up some wine and goodies the night before so we watched a movie and got cozy in front of the fire place. It was our last night and we got to enjoy it the fullest.

We had such an amazing time at this cottage. It truly felt like we were somewhat camping. This is the perfect place for a family reunion, for a time when you want to truly connect with your loved ones and not have to worry about everything else in the world. To disconnect. This town gives you that feel of a slower paced life, and it was truly refreshing to be around such nice and caring people.

On our way back home, we made a few stops. One of them being this Elk Sight Seeing rest stop, the Elk were so close by and we got off the car to see them close. Cami was super happy about it.

It was the perfect way to end our amazing and relaxing weekend.

I want to give a huge thank you to Glamping Hub and Wildland Properties for our complimentary stay. It was truly beautiful!

If you guys would like to check out the cottage we stayed at you can do so here.

If you’re not local to Oregon Glamping Hub also has many Rustic Cabins and Yurts all over, check them out here. 

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Love you all, until next time!

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