Fit Mama – Update No. 1


Two weeks have passed and as promised I have my update.  (Click here to read my original post.) I must admit that working out twice a week was a bit harder than I thought, but manged to stay on track on the healthy eating, for the most part.  Anyway, here is how my first two weeks went…

Week One

I only made it to the “gym” once.  However, I did go to two classes in one day which was a little over 2 hours of work out time.  I did (my fave) Kettlebell and (my second fave) dance.  So, I feel like it was a good week.  Now as far as the eating goes, ehhhh….I told myself I would have one meal of whatever I wanted, well that turned into like 3.  But I am not too hard on myself.  I messed up, but just moved on from it.

20160126_181318 - Copy (1)

Week Two

The second week seemed a little easier when it came to eating healthy.  I made very good decisions even while eating out.  Kept my snacks healthy, and stopped drinking soda.  Of course, I did treat myself to a chocolate and sushi. Because, its sushi! You can’t just say no to sushi.  I actually managed to make it to two days of working out.  Day one was Kettlebell and Dance, day two was dance only.

My Results

For it being the first two weeks I must say I am proud of myself.  It is not always easy, and I constantly have to remind myself why I am doing this and what my goal is.  A few days ago I fit into my LBD and got a compliment on my arms, both of these things felt great and only motivate me to keep going. I decided I will be sharing with you guys what I actually weigh and will start to do measurements as well.  Because if I were on the other side I’d be dying to know.  (Yes I can be nosy) I will also be doing a before and after picture…which I will share once I get to the “after”.

My starting weight: 161.8lbs

My current weight: 158.6lbs

Guys, that is a 3.2lbs loss! Yeyuh!  Alright, well my weight is officially out on the internets for everyone to see and judge.  Yikes!

20140815_195537 - Copy (1)

I was looking thru old pictures to find some inspiration and keep me motivated thru all this, and came across this one.  It was the summer before I got pregnant, 2014.  Not to toot my own horn, but toot toot! I was looking good!  I had forgotten how awesome it feels to be in control. Yes, I am the only one in control of my health and fitness.  Nobody else is.  I make that decision to have iced tea over soda, or steamed broccoli over fries.  Back then I remember being so disciplined and focused on my goal.  I had a lot more time to dedicate to working out, now as a mom I do not, but that does not mean I will not get any results.  It might take a little longer, but I will get there.

Hope you guys are keeping up with whatever goals you have and be sure to check back in a couple of weeks for my second update.


Are you joining me on this Fit Mama series?  Share with us how these past two weeks were for you in the comments!

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  1. You sound like you are doing brilliantly! And you look great already. I managed to lose 3 stone last year, finally, and I’ve never felt so good!

    Thank you for adding your post to #thursdaysthoughts, hope to see you again next week xx

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