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It is that time people!  I need to get serious about getting healthy and fit again.  So let’s do this!

Here is a little back story to my health and weight loss.  Prior to getting pregnant I had lost about 23.1 lbs (hey that .1 matters!).  Which was great, I was the smallest size I had been in years! At my heaviest I was wearing a size 14 even 16.  I understand that size may not be too big for some, but for myself it was.  At my lowest (not counting High School) I was down to a size 8.

During my pregnancy I gained 42 lbs, and by three weeks postpartum I was only 15 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight.  Four months later and I am 10 lbs away.  Maybe once I get there I will try and lose another 10 lbs.  Who knows.  All I know is I want to be healthy, and lets be real, I want to look cute too.

Jackie's DanceSo, here is the plan, my honest plan.  I will be working out twice a week.  I wish I could do more, and I am sure if I tried harder I could  wake up at 4:30 a.m. and get a workout in every morning. However, I hate working out alone.  It is just not for me.  I have learned that what keeps me motivated is being in a class or a group work out.  What has worked for me in the past is going to this amazing fitness center called Fitness with Jackie.  She is amazing, and her classes are so fun!  I love her Kettlebell and Dance class (no, it is not Zumba).

I will also be tracking my calories/macros on My Fitness Pal.  Which is a great app to track your food intake and keep yourself accountable.

I would love for you mamas to not just follow on my journey, but also join me.  Let me know what your plan is in the comments section, or go to my Facebook page and comment on there. I will be updating and keeping up with this series every other week.  I’ll also share pictures of my workouts on my Facebook page as well as on Instagram, so be sure to follow me to get those updates.

Happy workouts to all of you!

What other topics would you like to see on my blog?  Don’t be shy, comment away! 🙂

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