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Hi beauties!!! Today I’m sharing with you my every day makeup look that I wear to work every.single.day. Its super easy, super simple, and just the perfect amount of makeup and effort you need for for an everyday look! Β Check out the Youtube video and pics below to get this look!

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So there are three main things that I like to focus on for my everyday makeup look:

  1. Natural & fresh looking skin
  2. Covering those under eye circles
  3. Getting my eyebrows on fleek!

The Process


For my base I always start with my Erase Paste by Benefit in No. 1. (@ Sephora $19.50) I apply a light layer of this as I will be using a couple (yikes) more concealers πŸ™‚


I then use 1.5 pumps of the Vitalist Healthy Elixir FoundationΒ by Covergirl (@ Ulta for $11.99) I dot all over my face and blend with a damp makeup sponge.


I don’t use the entire 1.5 pumps at once. I do a light layer, then if I need more coverage I’ll add a little more foundation in those areas.


After I apply my foundation, I like to apply round two of concealers for my under eye circles. Its hard to cover those bad boys! I first use Match Perfection Skin by Rimmel London (@ Ulta for $5.99) I blend that in, then apply my Dream Lumi Touch by Maybelline (@Ulta $3.99) and blend in with my damped makeup sponge.


While I let all those products settle into my skin I curl my lashes and apply the Volum’ Express Rocket Waterproof Mascara by Maybelline (@ Ulta for $6.99)


While I let my mascara dry to prepare for the second coat…I go back to my skin. I apply bronzer and do a soft contour, cheek bones, around my face, chin, and neck using my Chocolate Soleil by Too Faced (@ Ulta $30)


Then I apply one of my favorite blushes Sweet On You by Sephora (@ Sephora for $7)


I then move on to my eyebrows…using light strokes and brushing. I like the natural full look so I don’t do any highlighting around the edges or anything. I use Brow Precise by Maybelline (@ Ulta for $7.99)



Finally, I go back and curl my lashes and apply my second coat of mascara!

And there you beautiful people have it! That is my simple everyday makeup look for work! If you guys liked it, please be sure to share on Facebook or Twitter!

Love you all, until next time…

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  1. Super cute Mama! That is my ultimate favorite mascara and I am out. No good. I have always liked Covergirl products too for foundations…I may need to try this one πŸ™ŒπŸ˜Š

  2. Learned fully the mascara tutorial step by step! As a golf lover, I have no time to be a cute lady but still I will try it very soon. Hope it will works as best. Anyway, great writing and sharing! πŸ™‚

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