Embel Beauty – Makeup Sponge Review

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This is a post sponsored by Embel Beauty. All opinions are my own. 

I am so excited to share with you guys this awesome find, the Embel Beauty makeup sponge. You guys know I am all about the natural makeup look and usually only stick to BB Creams, but sometimes a girl needs more coverage (a.k.a. foundation) and doesn’t want to look cakey, am I right? In comes Embel’s Beauty make up sponge! Can I just tell you that I loved it? I’ll tell you the reasons why, but first I’d like to tell you a little bit about the company and woman behind it.

Makeup Blending Sponge


The woman and founder behind Embel Beauty is a wife and a mama of two adorable little ones. She loves dressing up and makeup, she believes our beauty comes within and makeup is only a tool to embellish our physical beauty!

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This makeup sponge was created to give you a flawless and streak free makeup application without absorbing a lot of your makeup, giving you an amazingly smooth complexion. Embel Beauty knows your face is delicate so they have infused the Flawless Makeup Sponge with Vitamin E to give it extra softness. The packaging is super cute! Plus it arrived super fast! Embel Beauty is currently available on Amazon for $10.99 (coupon code at the end of this post!)

Application & Review

You want to start off by wetting the sponge and then squeezing the excess water out of the sponge. If you want to sheer out the foundation a bit squeezing once is enough, but if you like a little bit more coverage I like to also squeeze with a towel. This way it is still damp enough to apply the foundation smooth and evenly. For this demo I am using Maybeline Super Stay Better Skin foundation.

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I’ve been using the sponge every single day ever since I received it. No joke. That is how much I liked it. I love that it doesn’t soak up much of the foundation, even on the first time that I used it. I also love the size of it. When you wet it it expands to a pretty big size. Which I like because it covers more space so its easier and faster to blend and cover your entire face.

IMG_0768 - Copy (1)Here is a comparison on size. Left side is wet, right side is dry. 

I place the foundation on the back of my hand and use the bottom round portion of the sponge to apply the product.

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I then put some on my forehead, nose, and chin and bump/blend it softly all over my face to give a seamless look.

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I then apply my concealer/highlight under my eyes and use the pointy side to blend it out, and really get in the tear duct area of the eye. If you use a cream contour I am sure this would be great for that too. I personally haven’t tried yet but it seems like it would work.

IMG_0800 - Copy (1) IMG_0802 - Copy (1)Everyone in the world makes a weird face when applying make up, right? No? Just me? Ok,  😀 

To store it I like to use the container that it came in and just place it on top of it so it can air out.

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Here is the final look…

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To wash I’ve been using my regular face cleanser and it seems to do the job. I’ve washed it twice already and it seems to be doing fine. You do want to be gentle when washing it to get the most use out of it.

Ladies and gents, I absolutely loved this product! I wouldn’t recommend it to you if I didn’t really love it. I also love the fact that there is a fellow mama behind this company, we gotta support and encourage one another, and I love her view at beauty. So here is how to get your own Embel Beauty makeup sponge! …

Get your hands on one plus Coupon code!

Like I said,  Embel Beauty is currently available on Amazon for $10.99 and she was sweet enough to give you a coupon code, use ABLUSH20  to get 20% off!

She has made their makeup sponge more affordable than many others on the market without compromising it’s quality and durability! I can totally attest to that. I actually love this even more than the other more expensive brands. (You know which I’m talking about 😉 ) I hope you guys get a chance to try this amazing product! Please check out her Instagram page at @EmbelBeauty and let us know what you think!

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Hope you guys enjoyed this review and that it was helpful in some way.

Love you all, until next time…


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