Clothing Staples for The Modern Office Girl


Hello beauties! I’m so excited to share this post with you today! It is a new year, new goals, and maybe even a new wardrobe? Or maybe just time to refresh those staples that have been in our closet for too long.

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I’m going to be sharing with you what I believe are must-have clothing items for the modern office girl and working woman. Now, I’m not saying that your wardrobe should consist of only these items or color palettes – because that would be a little boring. But if you’re starting over, or you’re getting in to the workforce these are items I believe you should have in order to build multiple outfits.


So, lets begin here. We’ve all heard that a button-up white blouse is a must have for the office, and I completely agree. Only, let’s make things fun while staying appropriate.

The classic button up is sure to stay, but if your office/job allows it, why not have fun? So having a white or cream top with some details is a must! Lace, a cute peter-pan collar, or quarter length sleeve blouse are perfect!


For bottoms, I feel like the skinny trouser is totally in and totally appropriate if done the right way. And by right I mean – it should fit you properly. It is all about the fit ladies! It shouldn’t be skin tight, sure fitted, but not skin tight.

I love the ankle length because it makes it super chic and modern, plus you get to show off your cute shoes! Yas! Win-win! For starters I would say to stick with black, navy blues and dark grays. This way you can wear the heck out of them and just switch out the tops. I belive spending a little on this staple is totally okay because you will be wearing them a ton!


One of my favorite clothing items are blazers! Again, another staple item that is totally worth investing in. Because you can totally throw in a simple shirt underneath and still look super profesh’ with the blazer.

You can totally dress these down for casual friday with dark wash jeans and look super cute! Also, if you’re on the curvy side (as I am) these give you shape! Plus it hides any lonjitas (love handles 😉 ) There are so many different styles to chose from. All appropriate if you ask me, just depends on your style and office.


Dun dun dun! Okay, we’re not going to the club (not that I ever do lol) so you don’t need sky high heels. You cannot go wrong with these classic pumps, some swede or shiny. A little high or a kitten heel if you’re not too comfortable with being in high heels all day long.

Another option are flats. Yes, I said it flats in the office. I think when done right it can totally be done. I wear them with my ankle length trousers on days when I’m feeling abit lazy. Again keeping it in the black and nude colors so you can get the most use out of them.


One of my favorite things is to accesorize! It can totally change up an outfit! When you’re just starting out or building your office-attire-wardrobe keeping things simple is key. So the classic studded earrings, a dainty necklace and even a statement necklace, why not? The statement necklace I’d do to dress up a simple, dare I say, basic top or the ever classic LBD.

So there you have it ladies! My picks for must have items to build your work wardrobe.

Like I mentioned before, these are just the starters. Once you have these items you can start having fun with outfits, adding prints, colors, textures with your staples. The options are endless!!

Hope you enjoyed this and that it was helpful in some way!

Love you all!

Until next time…


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