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“We Like Big Bows And We Cannot Lie” Ha! I’m sure you’ve seen that one liner on one of my Instagram photos 😉 No but really, Cami absolutely loves rocking bow clips! So when I received these super cute bows from Grace Bowtique for Cami, I was super excited! So shout to them for sending these to us. <3

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We received five different colors and patterns. I really loved the size of them. They are on the medium to big size, which is perfect for Cami. And guys, they are such great quality! The fabric is so soft, and the clips are so sturdy.

IMG_0988 - Copy (1)Close up of the clip 

Okay, so lets get into how Cami styled these cute bow clips.

Mix Patterns

In this first look we paired this adorable yellow and flower patter with a jean polka dot romper.

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This day we went out for dinner and got so many compliments on this bow.

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Simple and chic

This is probably one of my favorite outfits. This wine (eh, eh?) colored bow is so chic and elegant. But it can totally be dressed down which is what we did for this look. These shorts have so much character + a white tee, so it was a no brainer. Love it!

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Country Girl!

This patter is so fun! Gold X’s are super cute. So I knew it would look great with a jean-country-looking dress like this one. If only Cami had cowgirl boots! <3 It would be even more perfect!

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Goes With Everything

This is such a versatile bow! I love all the colors in this patter, which make it so easy to pair with just about anything!

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It has hints of red, pink, white, and blue. So she wore jean shorts with a simple blue tee. The bow was definitely the focal point of the outfit.

IMG_0979 - Copy (1)How cute are those eyes and cheeks?! <3


Had so much fun styling these cute bows. Be sure to check out Grace Bowtique’s Etsy Shop and Instagram AccountKristina, the woman behind Grace Bowtique is so sweet and does such an amazing job with all her accesories and clothing items.

Love you all, until next time…


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