A Week’s Worth of Healthy Eating


Eating healthy is probably one of the hardest things for me when it comes to being healthy. I love working out, so I have no issues when it comes to that. However, I feel like I can work out as much as I want but if I don’t eat healthy then I don’t see results. I read somewhere that “it all starts in the kitchen” (or something along those lines), and I couldn’t agree more.

Here are a few of the foods I ate this week.


Whole grain waffles, peanut butter & bananas


Guys, this was so good! It did take like 5 minutes to make, but it was so worth it! I love the flavor combinations.

How I made it healthy: Instead of regular waffles I used whole grain, no syrup just a tablespoon of organic peanut butter, and bananas.

Egg Scramble


I am pretty obsessed with egg scrambles. I “literally can’t even”. ha! This was a breakfast I made on a day I was home.

How I made it healthy: I used one whole egg and one egg white. Half a small potato, no oil, salt and pepper. BAM! Deliciousness!


Steak Salad 


Oh. My. Gosh. Becky. I couldn’t get over how good this salad tasted. I used about 4 oz of leftover steak (from the night before) peppers, avocado, and croutons.

How I made it healthy: Normally I use ranch or any type of dressing. This time I only did lemon juice, salt and pepper. Done! Super healthy. It totally filled me up.

Jimmy John’s Sub(minus the chips) 


So this was probably not the healthiest thing. BUT I really wanted a sub! I didn’t end up eating the chips because they were gross! Ugh, vinegar? Really? Yuck!

How I made it healthy: NO MAYO! I had turkey, vegies, and mustard. That’s it. Pretty simple and it tasted good.


Cottage Cheese & Peaches 


I love this combination! Some of you mentioned (on Instagram) that you prefer pineapple…so I tried it and loved it! You can pretty much add any fruit to cottage cheese and it will be healthy 😉

How I made it healthy: Like I said no wrong doing with this combination, what I did is instead of getting peaches in syrup I did peaches in their own juice and I didn’t use the entire juice.



Need I say more?


Steak, potatoes, & broccoli 


This was a simple dinner. Nothing to it. Baked potatoes, steamed broccoli and steak.

Burger & Potatoes (What?)


Yes, that is a burger, and yes  those are potatoes. But hear me out, I needed a burger. Like, I NEEDED one.

How I made it healthy: Whole wheat bread. Homemade patty. I made it super thin and small. NO MAYO! Of course, there was ketchup and mustard. But thats it. No guilt.

Okay guys, so those are some of the things I ate this week.  After a week of eating healthy, I feel great! I feel less bloated, with more energy and I feel good about myself. Knowing that I have will power and being good to my body gives me confidence 😀 I lost 2lbs! Yeyah! I did have a Hersey’s Kiss (okay fine I had 4) and a couple of drinks, hey it was mamas’ night out, I gave myself an okay to eat whatever that night. Balance is key. If I am too strict on myself I know I will not succeed, I will give up. Besides, I am trying to make a life change and create good habits. I cannot live my life without chocolate, that is just not happening.

This week I will continue with eating healthy and incorporate eating more fruits. Next wieek I will take out sodas and juices from my diet. I’ll give you guys an update once those two weeks are up. Can’t wait to see what happens.

What is your favorite healthy food?

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  1. Yum! I believe that it’s ok to indulge every once in a while. A good friend of mine who is super fit and has a super ripped body (totally jealous) eats really healthy but never deprives himself. Balance is key for sure. These pictures are making me hungry! Love cottage cheese and pineapple too! 🙂

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