5 Tips to Stay Organized


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Hi beauties! Today I’m sharing with you 5 tips to be organized. These help me so much to stay on track and get things done, for the most part. Hey, I’m not perfect! So here it goes!



Start your day early

As a working mom, I have limited time in the mornings. So in order to have time for myself to get ready I have to get up before everyone else. This gives me time to shower, and get ready for the day so when everyone else wakes up I either have not much left to do or am done completely.

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On days when I stay home with my daughter, its somewhat similar. I wake up at the same time she does. However, I’ll let her watch cartoons or give her a quick pre-breakfast snack to entertain her while do a load of laundry, vacuum and make my morning coffee.

Having this free time in the mornings is sure to help you start the day off right!

Schedule Ahead

Okay, I’m gonna admit that I’m not the best planner out there. Like, I don’t have sticky notes everywhere and color coordinated stuff on my planners. BUT I do try to stay as organized as possible, so having a cute planner is a must for me! This Made For Each Other Planner is exactly that!

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I love that this agenda has hard covers, so it is nice and sturdy. Which is much needed, because we all know my toddler will attempt to use it as a chewing toy lol!

Having appointments and events written out on a calendar is a must to stay on top of everything. I make it a point to write all appointments on there, including the rest of the family’s. This way we all know what’s going on and there aren’t any double scheduling issues 😉


So what I do is on the section where it has the entire month I will write a quick note such as “Pediatrician Apt.” or “blog shoot”. Then on the weekly portion I will jot down the specific time and place.

Meal Planning

I’m not huge on cooking every single day. I just don’t have the energy for it. (sigh…) However, for inspiration and motivation purposes (lol) I write out a few dinner ideas for the week.


As you can see on here I write a simple “Asian Chicken & Broc” as one option and the other as just “pasta”. Guys, seriously this helps me so much! Because sometimes, you’re not hungry, your stressed and coming up with a creative dinner idea is just the last thing in your mind. So I try to come up with these after browsing good old Pinterest or while I’m hungry. 😀

Pick and Chose your (chores) battles

Trying to tackle an entire week (or two) worth of chores is just a no-no for me. I can’t leave everything for the end of the week or in two weeks because it’ll get too overwhelming and I’ll give up before I even start.

Does that ever happen to you? Where you say you’ll put those clothes away, or organize your closet on the weekend and weeks go by and it turns into a huge pile and then its too much, you don’t know where to begin and spend hours tackling that alone? No? Just me? Okay 😉

So here is the fix. Find your priorities. For me, carpet, bathroom and kitchen. I try to work on those every day. I have dogs and a toddler so I vacuum pretty much every day. It makes me feel better. Dishes are done every day (Okay, 98% of the time lol) and the bathroom has to be clean. It just does. So figure out what your musts are, and spend 15 minutes getting those done every day . This way its not all going to attack you at once (see reference above lol) And leave your non-must-haves-but-gotta-get-done-at-some-point-chores for the weekend. Because you’ve already tackled everything else having that one last thing left is not going to consume your entire day and will not be so overwhelming. You’re welcome. 😉

Make Time for Yourself

Finally, in order to be the best you, you gotta make some time for yourself. Whether its nightly bubble bath, wine-dates with your girlfriends, or just a simple day out shopping. If you gotta schedule that time, do it!


Every month I make sure I have some time for myself. Check out events in town, concerts, or just a day that you want to spend by yourself, with friends or your significant other.

Believe me, in order to take care of everyone else you have to care of yourself as well.

Tell me, what is one way you stay organized? Share your organization secrets in the comments below! <3

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