5 Tips to Plan Your Next Weekend Vacay!


Ah, vacations. Yes. We all love them. But do we like to plan them? Maybe not so much! Specially after becoming a mom, I feel like there’s even more to think about! I’ve said it before and I will say it again, weekend trips are my jam! I love them because its easier to plan, cheaper and just the right amount of days you need to recharge. So in today’s post I will share with you 5 tips to plan your next weekend trip!

This blog post is sponsored by Glamping Hub. However, all opinions are honest and my own. 


1. Be an Early Bird!

And I’m not talking about getting up early… I think that it is important to start planning your weekend trip as early as possible. This way it is easier to find the best deals and options out there that will fit what you’re looking for. Otherwise, if you wait for the last minute you might run into having difficulties with availability for hotels and places to stay. Another perk of planning  ahead of time, is that you have more time to save up money for the trip. Which brings me to my next very important tip.

2. Set a Budget


Another huge thing when planning your weekend trip is to set a budget. Figure out how much money you want/can spend for food, lodge, and don’t forget about gas and activities then go from there.

3. When & Where?


Once you have your budget set. The fun part begins! Deciding on where and when to stay! Being from the PNW, everyone here seems to be all about camping…and I’m not. HA! So I decided to give “glamping” a go. Which is short for camping glamours. Yes, its a thing. So what I did was go to http://glampinghub.com, from there you can chose a place to stay. They have so many amazing, fun and quirky places to stay for all budgets. From yurts, to fancy homes with hot tubs…which is what I chose for our next weekend vacay. Obvs. 😉

You can check out some Rustic Cabin Rentals here. 

4. Research Activities & Area


Something else I like to do before heading out is to research the area where we will be staying at to make sure (in my case) there are kid-friendly activities and restaurants. In this case, I think we will mostly enjoy the place we will be staying and try doing outdoorsy stuff. Its just a good idea to make sure the places you’d like to visit or eat at will be open and available.

5. Leave Your Home Ready

Last thing I can suggest is to leave your home clean! Yes! I know its probably one of the last things you think about when leaving on a trip. But, specially when you vacation with kids, you come back a little tired and the last thing you want to come back to is laundry and dishes. So to make your return even better and finish your vacation on a good note, it is always a great idea to make sure you tidy up around the house to come home to a relaxing atmosphere.

Bonus: Don’t Sweat it!

My bonus tip is to not sweat the small stuff. Many times, we plan a trip and activities and we might not get to do all of them or visit all the places we planned to. But don’t let that ruin your trip! Remember that the most important thing is to enjoy your time away with your loved ones and enjoying just being out of the every day mundane routine!

I want to give a huge thank you to Glamping Hub for sponsoring this blog post, and our next weekend trip…which I will be sure to let you guys know about soon! I will be sharing with you where we stay, and all the details so be sure to keep an eye out for that in the next couple of weeks!

Our Trip Recap has now been published! You can check it out here!

Love you all!

Until next time…

Chill while you grill!

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