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Hello my beauties! Today I’m sharing with you 3 tips to easily transition into spring style! I’m so excited to be collaborating with Melanie from Lularoe for this post!

If you don’t know about Lularoe – where have you been? lol! Seriously though, Lularoe is a clothing line that features super comfortable clothing. From t-shirts to dresses. They do have some fun and crazy prints – and today I’m showing you just how to style for spring. Yes!

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Rock a Dress!

The spring time is the perfect time to pull out your dresses! I love wearing dresses because you look so put together, like you actually took time and thought about what you were going to wear. But in reality you just throw it on – get to show some leg (even if they’r pale ;)) and look amazing!

Untitled design

This is the Nicole dress from Lularoe . First off I love the color and print! It just screams spring! And guys, it is so comfortable!

I also love the sleeves. During spring it tends to still be chilly, so having a dress with sleeves is just perfection in my eyes.


I paired this dress with these cute statement earrings. Which I adore. They’re seriously my favorite, and I probably wear they waaaay too much. But thats okay 😉


Add A Print!

Personally, I love me a good flower print – specially for the spring time!


Get FREE SHIPPING using code “FreeShip17” until the end of  March!


This is top is called Irma from Lularoe. This is pretty much my mommmy-form. Jeans, some type of sneakers and this top is just so comfy! I tucked it in a little bit so that it wouldn’t be too long – because I’m short so I’m not a fan of wearing long shirts with flat shoes.


The print on this top just makes me happy! Such great colors, flowers and again the sleeves are perfect! The sneakers I’m wearing have a flower pattern/cutout so I love that.


The next look is featuring the same style of shirt – also a print, which I’m totally in love with!



Here in Oregon we’re still experiencing Winter weather – so having a print top with these oranges and pops of pink totally remind me of Spring time.


Rolled up the jeans and threw some booties along with this look – still springy but will not freeze my butt off!


Finished the look with this statement necklace. Which adds a bit of glam and flirtatiousness to the look 😉


Add A POP Of color / color block!

Finally adding a pop of color is an easssssy way of transitioning into spring style. Even at the office – which the next look I have for you!  I’m wearing the Cassie skirt from Lularoe, such a cute color – and paired it with this bright purple top.


Toned it down with this…dare I say….basic black blazer and black pumps. Then added even more “POP” wit this statement necklace.


And there you have it ladies. Those are my top 3 tips to easily transition your wardrobe into spring! If you haven’t tried Lularoe you seriously got to! Forget about what you’ve heard – once you put one of their clothing pieces on you will fall in love! Seriously!


Check out Melanie’s Instagram and you should totally join her Facebook VIP group because she is always having giveaways and everyone is always showing how they style they’re Lularoe! Also, her and her husband are super cute and funny together when they do unboxings lol!


Let me know in the comments what your favorite part about Spring is!

Love you all, until next time…

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